Did you know that 3.7 million burglaries take place on a yearly basis? Let Michaelson & Messinger Insurance Specialists, LLC take action right away to help you maximize compensation and itemize your losses. Determining the extent of your losses and filing your claim quickly and efficiently can greatly impact your settlement.

As many people might not realize, the adjustment and repair process that follows after a burglary – or any other insurance claim – is difficult and stressful. This is largely due to having to make adjustments without the proper training or knowledge. Our clients regain their normal lives more quickly and easily than those who “do it alone.” We understand everyone’s need to concentrate on their families and professions without added financial worry or unfamiliar responsibilities.

To speak with an experienced Public insurance Adjuster, contact Michaelson & Messinger Insurance Specialists, LLC today to learn how we can make the process of trying to recover compensation for stolen items during a burglary go smoother.

Dealing With Theft

Michaelson & Messinger Insurance Specialists, LLC assists you by:

  • Complete reconstruction from fire, water, storm damage, plumbing damage, vehicle into building damage, theft and vandalism
  • Remediation from fire, water and smoke damage
  • Remodeling projects such as kitchen, bathroom, flooring, painting, basement remodeling, roofing, patios and decks, etc.
  • We handle all permitting and architectural requirements
  • We handle all inspections by either the Village, Township, City or Mortgage Company
  • All work to be performed is presented in writing in an item by item contract
  • All work is covered under warranty
  • Temporary Housing
  • Property Preservation

What You Can Do To Get Started

Contact the Police as soon as possible, file a report and obtain a copy for your records. Make a list of items stolen and help substantiate your claim by taking pictures or video after the burglary. This can be compelling proof when filing your claim. Even if you do not have before and after photograph/video to support your claim, an experienced public adjuster can help by knowing what questions to ask and what items to mention to help you recall items you might have omitted.