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Experiencing a fire to your home or other property can be devastating. Property owners are forced to make important decisions in areas with which they are unfamiliar and inexperienced. After the initial shock passes, the most important question becomes: “How best to protect my family and property investment?”

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As a property owner, you have an extremely important
choice that will have long-term consequences.
The options are:

1. “Should I allow the adjuster hired by my insurance company to adjust and determine values and loss amounts I have suffered to my property solely on the basis of his or her interpretation of the fire loss facts and policy language without independent professional negotiation?”

2. “Should I hire a licensed, trained professional who will independently and aggressively represent my interests throughout the entire adjustment process, and who will present restoration and repair solutions based upon what is best for me and my family?”

Experience and statistics show that option 2 is the best choice because it uses the “check and balance” system endorsed by the Illinois Department of Insurance.

Consider this: Your insurance company hires a professional adjuster to represent its interests in your fire loss. You also need and deserve a professional adjuster to represent your interests. This check and balance system is the only way to assure a fair and equitable settlement for all parties concerned.

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